Curtain Wall Systems: Stick Versus Unitized

In a typical high rise building, one element of its brilliant facade technology is the curtain wall system. A facade comprises of a window wall, curtain walls, and cladding elements, all three of which are the exterior of the building. In a modern building, the curtain wall systems have a structural importance that is just as necessary as the other elements. Thus, proper design, installation, and maintenance are necessary to sustain its functionality, after all, it protects the building from the exterior environment. If you find yourself interested, read further to learn about the functions of curtain walls in buildings as well as the two different types of curtain wall systems.

Functions of Curtain Walls in Buildings

There are at least four functions of curtain walls in buildings, namely air impermeability, elimination of water penetration, resistance to elements, and reduction of solar levels.

Air Impermeability

It is necessary to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide because of heat loss or gain in the environment. It is an environmental concern, after all.

Elimination of Water Penetration

A facade’s fundamental function is water penetration. Since constructing a completely impermeable sealed curtain panel system is impossible, there must be two stages of prevention. First is a complete defense of water, and then a second level which directs and drains out the water.

Resistance to Elements

The cladding system transfers wind actions to the building floors, acting as a linear support. The building cladding systems made of large panels are often one-way spanning. Each of the floor levels then supports only one level of wind load on the building. As for thermal insulation, it is necessary for reduction of both carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. Insulation applies to both opaque and transparent portions of the curtain wall system. Lastly, acoustic insulation is just as necessary for both the internal and external environment, especially for a city-centered building.

Reduction of Solar Levels

The curtain wall system reduces solar levels by adding a selective solar control coating on the glass surface. Only certain wavelengths can pass through this coating, such as visible wavelengths of light. Meanwhile, inhibition of UV rays may be desirable, so the surface of the glazing has a UV-inhibiting film.

Stick Curtain Wall System

The stick curtain wall system’s components have to go through assembling piece-by-piece on-site. This system is often ideal for low-rise buildings or smaller regions. After all, exterior access is essential to reach higher elevations. As such, it may require cranes and scaffolding. One advantage of a stick curtain wall system is its low shipping cost and the fact that on-site adjustments are possible. However, this requires high amounts of time consumption and labor costs.

Unitized Curtain Wall System

On the other hand, the unitized curtain wall system involves assembling by interlocking different units from the factory. After delivery, it is already the whole package, since assembly occurs in the factory, not on-site. Furthermore, individual installation of its components is not as essential as the stick curtain wall system.

The floor-to-floor height of the building decides the size of the unitized curtain walls. Thus, it becomes essential to think about the mode of transportation as well as the installation as planning its facade depth goes on.

Contrary to the stick curtain wall system, the unitized curtain wall system is suitable for high-rise buildings. Furthermore, it will not require exterior supports such as cranes or scaffolding. In fact, a mini-crane or a hoist will be necessary to hold its position as installation goes on. The unitized curtain wall system gains the advantage of short construction times and better quality due to the factory manufacturing. However, shipping charges cost higher due to the larger protection during its transportation.


The curtain walls for buildings are necessary for air impermeability, elimination of water penetration, resistance to elements, and reduction of solar levels. There are two types of curtain wall systems, namely, stick curtain wall system and unitized curtain wall system. The former is more appropriate for low-rise buildings, is assembled on-site, and has low shipping fees. As for the latter, it comes with shorter construction times and higher quality, but it has higher shipping costs since it is assembled in the factory.

How Instagram Bots Provide Benefits to Businesses

It is quite unfortunate that most users are against utilizing Instagram bots, when it can, in fact, be beneficial. It may be difficult to convince you to try them out, but it may be worth it to tell you a few benefits that come with automation. Read further if this piques your interest.

Instagram Bots: An Overview

Instagram bots are basically programmed to utilize the hashtag system and a few filters to increase your follower count automatically. These also increase the activity on your account, such as adding more comments and likes. If configured correctly, they can improve your standing on the platform. In fact, it may even provide benefits to Instagram accounts of businesses.

The Right Automation For You

Nowadays, there are various Instagram automation tools available, and most of them lead to the same results. You may check what says about various Instagram bots. The bottom line is to pick one that is compatible with your preferences.

Increased Sales

More exposure generally can improve sales, since more customers can find you on social media. Thus, with the higher follower count thanks to Instagram bots, you can promote your brand more successfully. And if more people can see your page, then that increases the likelihood of potential clients coming in. Ultimately, it would lead to increase in sales.

Advertising Based on Target Audiences

If you correctly utilize the hashtag system, you will get relevant followers, which means the advertising you’ll be doing is appropriately targeted to your audience. And this is also connected to the first benefit, which is increased sales.

Overall Reputation

If people see that you have active followers that interact with your account, they will think that you are a credible business. As such, more people will likely patronize your products, which can lead to increase in sales. Furthermore, you will get an edge over your competition since your Instagram account, and indirectly your social media marketing is much more progressive. Thus, you will become a more successful business in the future, and it is all thanks to Instagram bots.


It may be high time for you to remove your prejudice over the use of Instagram bots for social media marketing. After all, it is quite efficient, requiring minimal effort for you and it is quite progressive for your account. You will find that your sales would increase, you would have better advertising, and lastly, your reputation as a whole would improve, thanks to Instagram bots.

Picking the Right Taxi Service

When you book a taxi, you want to make sure that the car you are getting can get you to your destination safely. Given that there are so many companies, out there offering this service it can be difficult to choose the right one. To help you out, we look at the different features to look out for when choosing the best service.

Skilled Drivers

This is one of the most important things you need to look out for when choosing the right taxi. Make sure the taxi driver is fully licensed and has several years of experience. The taxi driver remains the most important person to get you to your destination without any hiccups. A competent taxi driver is also friendly and knows the area so well not to get you lost.

Value for Money

You have heard stories of people being ripped by taxi companies. When you book the taxi, you need to get what you pay for, maybe more, but not less. This means that you pay less for a shorter trip as compared to a longer one. The company ought to be clear on the charges as well so that you understand the amount of money you are spending to budget for it.

Safe Vehicles

The cars in use by the taxi company need to be well maintained. A well-maintained car will get you to your destination in the shortest time possible and safely. A poorly maintained car puts you at risk of an accident. The car should also be comfortable to ride in and clean as well.

Quick Booking System

The taxi service should allow you to book for the ride in many ways. It should give you a website, an app and a phone service to choose from. You can download the form, fill it from the app or make a call to the company to book the vehicle. Such a service allows you more flexibility when making the booking because you can book on the go as long as you have access to the internet.
Should be Established
Always work with an established company. A company that has been around must be doing things the right way. Work with them.
Final Thoughts
With so many companies providing taxi services, you need to take time to choose the perfect one for you. Make sure you understand what the company provides and choose the best option depending on your needs and budget.

Things to consider when selecting a laser engraver

The development of laser technology means that the engraving process has been simplified even more. They are now much easier to operate and therefore more user-friendly. There are many types of laser machines on today’s market (click here to view many types). These choices can range is a variety of sizes ranging from handheld to large industrial machines. The more modern handheld machines have become the most popular method in the industry to use. However, the size of the machine largely depends on your needs. 

The size of the machine

The size of the machine you require will largely depend on the size of the material you will be using.

A bigger material will require a bigger bed and thus a larger machine. The bed needs to be bigger than the finished size of the product. A bigger machine will allow you to cut a bigger material as well as smaller ones and even complete multiple smaller tasks at the same time. These machines are very innovative tools as they can be used a wide variety of materials and thus are versatile when completing jobs. 

It can be used on many applications

There are many applications on which laser engraving can be used on and thus this machine is much more versatile for marking unique materials. It is an ideal choice for custom and personalized work. Popularly used on wood, metals, plastics, glass, acrylic, fabric, cardboard and stone. This method of engraving can engrave dozens of materials.

Other important factors to consider include:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Maintenance feasibility
  • Picking a reliable company


The power of the machine is measured in watts. The more powerful the laser means it can cut and engrave faster.  A tip is to check the wattage of the machine and if it can be upgraded in the future. 


The higher the speed of the machine the more quickly it can complete work. Laser machines are more productive as they work faster. They are ideally suited in producing high quantities of small-sized items quickly. 


A lower quality machine may be cheaper. However, it is possible to get a high-quality machine at a reasonable price. The cost of the machine you purchase will depend on the budget you have available to invest. 


All machines whether they are high or low quality will require regular maintenance from things like wear and tear. However, a lower quality machine will break down more than a higher quality one. 

Do your research to pick a reputable company

There is a large selection of companies that sell these machines. It is important to pick one with a good reputation for customer service after the purchase from them. This is important should a problem arise with your machine you will need support. Many good companies have videos on their website of how to repair the machine as well as how to operate it effectively. As mentioned before it is important to check if the company manufactures the parts because this will make it easier to source parts and repair.


Wheel and Tire Repairs Shouldn’t be Postponed

It is a fact that one of the best ways to stay safe on the road is by making sure that your wheels are in top condition. Right from the tires to the rims, you need to be able to drive over long distances without experiencing any issue with the tire. This is why it is vital that you notice any problems with your wheels.

Many people only check their wheels when planning to go on a road trip, which is a very bad practice. Instead, you need to perform regular checks on your wheels so that in case a problem is identified, the mechanic can repair it. Here are some of the problems that you might experience and the signs that point to the issue.

Wheel Misalignment

Misalignment comes about as a result of various factors. These include hitting a pothole or the curb. Additionally, wheel misalignment can lead to issues with the suspension. You will detect this issue when the car swerves to the right or the left even when you are driving on a straight road. If you also find it difficult keeping your steering wheel centered, you need to head to for wheel alignment. The good thing is that with the advances in technology, this process takes just a short time and you will be on your way.

Wheel Imbalance

If you also notice that the car pulls its weight on one side, then your wheels haven’t balanced the way they should be. You need to have the wheels repaired immediately to prevent the issue from developing further. Remember, if you leave the wheels in this state for a long time, you end up losing the treads on the tire, which means you will need new tires more regularly. Remember, tires aren’t cheap.

Worn Out Tires

Worn out tires have little or no tread, which means the grip on the tires won’t help you especially when it comes to swerving and taking corners. You need to replace the tires regularly to stay safe, especially during cold and wet conditions.

Final Words

Acting on wheel and tire repairs immediately is one of the ways to enhance the safety of your car and make it last longer.  It also shows responsibility on your part. Even though wheels and tires undergo natural wear due to prolonged use, it is not advisable that you leave them to advance to the expiration date.

What’s All the Buzz About Swiss Watches?

There’s something about Swiss watches. Hate it love it; most models stand out, even when pitted against world best brands. But, what makes them tick? Here’s a closer look.

The Metal

For starters, almost every other Swiss watch sports 316L surgical steel metal construction. In effect, they’re ridiculously durable. Most importantly, they retain their shine for months in comparison to other models made with lower grade steel. Thus, you don’t have to keep polishing your watch to maintain its new look. Other than that, surgical steel is corrosion resistant.

One-of-a-Kind Links

Swiss-made watches are relatively heavier compared to other makes. Why? Well, because they feature solid links and cases. Put differently, you can expect your watch link to hold up well against pressure and constant wear. Besides, the loops are even and will never scratch your skin or hurt your wrist.

Clear Face

One of the most distinguishing features of Swiss watches is their crystal. They use synthetic sapphire glass. And, the primary reason behind this is the fact that sapphire crystal is extremely hard. By extension, this makes the face scratch resistant.

Standard models, on the other hand, use hardened mineral glass crystals which are nowhere near sapphire in terms of hardness and value.  Now, that explains the reason Swiss-made watches look as good as new even after years of use.

Unique Link Pins

Swiss watches use a pin and a sleeve to join the links. Even though this may sound like an insignificant detail, it may catch your attention to know the links pins of a good watch have to rotate. The ripple effect is that the pin stays in position and will never slide out of the band. Standard models use “static” pins and that’s why their bands cut off quite often.

Solid Band Caps

The links that connect the band to the case in a Swiss watch are robust in comparison to standard ones. The benefit of a solid band cap is the ability to keep the pin holding the band in place. It, therefore, means any force against the pin becomes dispensed evenly across the pin.

The Bottom Line

Swiss-made watches are indeed different from standard ones in a number of ways. With this stellar quality, however, comes a hefty price tag. Not to worry though; visit this website to view a collection of Swiss watch replicas at a price that won’t somersault past your budget. Talk of an affordable way to showcase your sense of style!

Starting a Lawn Care Service

 Some people find themselves out of work through no fault of their own. Companies downsize, merge, lay off workers, or go bankrupt.

For whatever reason you find yourself unemployed, you don’t have to stay that way for long. Not as long as people have lawns that need cared for.

You may be saying, “But everyone mows their own yard. No one really needs someone to mow it.”

This is where you’re wrong. There are a lot of people who hate to mow their yard, or unable to due to illness, age, or absence, and would love to pay someone to mow it, if they could just find the right person.

The right person means someone who will do a good job with their yard, for a fair price.

If you’re in need of a job, or already have a job but need a second one due to unexpected circumstances, like a baby on the way, a death in the family, urgent home repairs, or some other financial emergency, consider starting a lawn care service.

The first thing you’ll need is a lawnmower. And not just any lawnmower. Not if you plan to care for multiple yards. A single mower will wear out quickly and need replaced, which will defeat the purpose of that second job in the first place.

Start out with one great riding mower, and one good push mower for trimming, plus a weed eater.

You can browse your local lawn and garden centers like Walmart, Tractor Supply, or Home Depot, but another way to choose your perfect mower is to visit a review site like Lawn Mower Lane, where you’ll get to read the opinions and views of customers who have actually used the mowers.

Buying a lawn mower for your own yard is one thing. You can get by with the bare minimum, unless you have a huge or complicated yard. But to buy one for business purposes is another. You’ll need one that does just about everything—with all the features. You want one with zero-turn, a bag to avoid raking, and a wide blade path. These features aren’t necessary for a single yard, perhaps, but if you want to keep your new lawn customers happy, you need to give them the best.

Lawn care can be a lucrative business. No longer is it the territory of teenagers or low-skilled workers. If carried out correctly, you can earn just as much taking care of yards as you could with your regular job. If done well, you could expand, and even hire a few people to work for you.

Enterprise Mobility – The Future of Doing Business

Enterprise Mobility

Imagine living in a world where your employees don’t have to report to the office but can still get the work done! Amazing, right? Well, that’s not a far-fetched possibility thanks to enterprise mobility. Now, your employees can work from anywhere using mobile devices and interact with each other (and the office) via the cloud. Here’s why you need to embrace enterprise mobility if you want to take your business to the next level.

It’s Easier to Organize Records and Files

As technology advances, the office is becoming more and more paperless. Do you know what that translates for your business? Well, it takes off the burden of having to manage endless files and documents.

Also, when you (and your business) go the electronic way, vital records remain safe with virtually no chance of getting lost. Did you know that a paperless office means that you can save money on printing papers and supplies such as ink? Other than that, the records are easily accessible and you also have more office space to spare.

Improved Workflow

Enterprise mobility allows your employees to access work-related information quickly and in return, you can expect nothing short of a better workflow. In other words, your employees have more control on how they interact with clients and potential customers. Of course, when you clientele gets their issues sorted fast, they will keep coming back. In simpler terms, enterprise mobility helps in customer retention

Increased Productivity

Okay, you might be the “boss,” but you need to make sure that your employees are happy. Enterprise mobility offers the flexibility they need to work without feeling as though someone is monitoring them. With such freedom comes improved productivity. Besides, the liberty allows them to be more creative and innovative.

Enterprise mobility also enables your employees to work within set deadlines. For instance, an employee can continue to work outside the office en-route to meeting a client. That way, he/she gets two tasks done at the same time. Also, when there’s work overload, your employees can continue to work while on holiday or at home.

In Conclusion

Working remotely gives your employees the opportunity they need to refocus on your business and work towards helping fulfill its goals. An employee can choose a quiet environment, free of distraction and get more work done. With all the benefits it brings to the fore, enterprise mobility is indeed the future of doing business. For more info, go here to find out what this phenomenon holds for your business.

5 Things to Look For In a Good Wheelbarrow

Picking a wheelbarrow should be a no-brainer, but it is never that easy. With the so many options available in the market today, it is even harder to know what works best and is compatible with your needs. A good wheelbarrow should make your job around the yard faster and should improve the efficiency. It is therefore prudent to choose with caution. There are several designs, and each design operates differently from the other. What is perfect for construction work may not be ideal for light yard work. Below are some tips that will help you when buying a wheelbarrow:

Know why you need the wheelbarrow

Knowing what you need the wheelbarrow for is paramount. What do you need the wheelbarrow for? Answering this question right will help you find a wheelbarrow that is tailor made for that particular work. A portable wheelbarrow will be perfect for light yard work while contractor wheelbarrows are tailor made for the heavy lifting of concrete and heavy loads. Buy a wheelbarrow that will help you achieve your purpose.


You need to be sure how much weight you intend to carry in your wheelbarrow. Having this knowledge will help you go for the right wheelbarrow size so that the contents of your wheelbarrow don’t spill off when moving around. You should always have a little extra space just in case you need to carry heavier loads.

Material used for construction

A good wheelbarrow should be durable to save you from frequent maintenance or replacements. The bed of your wheelbarrow should be made with heavy gauge steel and its frames should be strong to give the wheelbarrow enough stability. Go for wheelbarrows that are not so heavy but can withstand harsh work conditions.

Check on the wheels

Having the right wheels will help you move and control your wheelbarrow easily. A wheel barrow with one wheel in front and two leg support at the back can be difficult to control because they may lack stability when loaded. A wheelbarrow with one wheel in front and two wheels at the back offers more stability. If you want absolute stability or are looking for a wheelbarrow that caters for people with physical limitations, go for a garden cart.

Check the safety features

Your wheelbarrow should be safe to use all the time. A good wheelbarrow should have a frame that firmly holds the bed so that it does not break under the heavy weight. A wheelbarrow with cross brace increases sturdiness and prevents damage over time. The handles should have a smooth finish to give you a firm grip and not hurt your hand.

As earlier showed, buying a good wheelbarrow is crucial if you want to achieve optimum performance. With these tips, choosing the right wheelbarrow will not give you a headache. Go for a wheelbarrow that will not only help you achieve your purpose but also save you time and money.

Importance Of Knowing The Laws And Regulations For Systematic Functioning

You should absolutely value the rules and regulations formed in your country for working within the structure governed by the rules and regulations. This type of system ensures that things are carried out in the most systematic manner without any kind of trouble. There are many important laws and regulations related to the import of wines, copy right issues, and cyber security. Violation of these laws causes heavy penalties including jail terms. If you want to remain on the safer side, it is better to learn about the laws and regulations for a clear understanding of governing laws.

Rising importance of knowing cyber laws

In the US, there is a growing concern among the people and government about the cyber security. In the present time, crimes are now committed on the advance levels. Hence, there are many criminals who take the help of inherent technology for preventing cyber crime. Failure in cyber security can cost much loss to the brininess organizations. Hence, there is a need to take right cyber security measures to stay safe. Common man also has equal right to know about the various rules and regulations

Lack of awareness of laws and regulations

Country’s laws and legislations are written in its constitution. Hence, every citizen should know about the various laws and legislations. There are so many people who are unaware of the laws, their rights and fundamental duties, therefore, it is important for them to learn about the laws related to different things so that your personal rights are protected and you are safe and secure. There are some websites that help you to know about the various laws, rules and regulations, rights and duties so that you are not exploited and you can become a good citizen of your nation. In the context of cyber security, it is very important to know cyber laws and rules because, in the present time, cyber crimes are prevalent.

Prevention from being victim of cyber crimes

Some common types of cyber crimes include:

  • Data breach
  • Unauthorized access
  • Virus attack
  • Control system attacks
  • Spam mails

These types of cyber crimes cause huge loss to the individuals and business organizations. Some kind of cyber crimes cannot be controlled from occurring but most of the cyber crimes can be prevented. To avoid being affected by the cyber crimes, there are certain measures which are needed to be followed. Those measures include:

  • Use firewall
  • Protect your computer with antivirus program
  • Use malware
  • Unique and robust password should be created
  • Use private virtual network by disguising your address
  • Do not share your password
  • Avoid opening the unauthorized websites
  • Using a secured network

With the help of such measures, it is possible to protect your computers and IT resources from the cyber crimes.