3 Inexpensive Things You Can Do To Sell Your Car For More

If you want to sell your house faster and for more money, you have to decorate and make it look good. The similar method applies to selling your car. If you can make your car look good, it will help you sell faster and for more money. 

You may think the minor fixes are not worth doing anymore and you can let the next owner take care of it. But the layer of dirt on the car, the broken latch on the door, the small crack on the windscreen – all these put a question mark on you as an owner. That gives an impression that you didn’t take good care of your car. 

With just spending a few hours and a little bit of money, you can negotiate more price with the buyer.

In this article, I will be listing few things you can do to make your look better before you put it for sale.

Minor Changes That Cost You Very Less

I’m not saying to spend a lot of money but a few minor changes would make your car worth more than the little change that you spend.  These minor modifications will make a huge difference in terms of value

Check your lights –whether they are all in place and working properly. Make sure there are no warning lights on the dashboard. Check out the mirrors –whether they are flexible and the rear mirrors are  working fine  from the driver’s seat. If any of these aren’t working replace them. They don’t cost you much. 

Check for the scratches on the body. If there are scratches, then buy a Paint Pen and apply on the areas where there are cuts. When you are finished with that, wipe with sandpaper. 

Make Your Car Shine Inside Out 

Check out the seats. If the seats are torn, get new  seat covers will really help. You can get new seat covers for a low price.
Wash your car from outside. It’s simple yet effective way to make your car look good.  Don’t use detergents or soap you normally use.  Use the specific washing powder made for cars. Better, get professional help.  After you have done the washing, take your time for waxing and polish to give it a good finish.  

Lastly, don’t forget the tires. Clean them too. Remove dirt and dust from them. Apply  tire shine products on the tires to make it shiny. 

General Service 

Give your car a basic maintenance servicing. Check your brakes, valves and engine. Go for a test drive yourself before your buyer would do.  Make sure your car is smooth and free of simple glitches. 
These are simple inexpensive ways by which you can increase the value of your old used car. 

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