5 Things to Look For In a Good Wheelbarrow

Picking a wheelbarrow should be a no-brainer, but it is never that easy. With the so many options available in the market today, it is even harder to know what works best and is compatible with your needs. A good wheelbarrow should make your job around the yard faster and should improve the efficiency. It is therefore prudent to choose with caution. There are several designs, and each design operates differently from the other. What is perfect for construction work may not be ideal for light yard work. Below are some tips that will help you when buying a wheelbarrow:

Know why you need the wheelbarrow

Knowing what you need the wheelbarrow for is paramount. What do you need the wheelbarrow for? Answering this question right will help you find a wheelbarrow that is tailor made for that particular work. A portable wheelbarrow will be perfect for light yard work while contractor wheelbarrows are tailor made for the heavy lifting of concrete and heavy loads. Buy a wheelbarrow that will help you achieve your purpose.


You need to be sure how much weight you intend to carry in your wheelbarrow. Having this knowledge will help you go for the right wheelbarrow size so that the contents of your wheelbarrow don’t spill off when moving around. You should always have a little extra space just in case you need to carry heavier loads.

Material used for construction

A good wheelbarrow should be durable to save you from frequent maintenance or replacements. The bed of your wheelbarrow should be made with heavy gauge steel and its frames should be strong to give the wheelbarrow enough stability. Go for wheelbarrows that are not so heavy but can withstand harsh work conditions.

Check on the wheels

Having the right wheels will help you move and control your wheelbarrow easily. A wheel barrow with one wheel in front and two leg support at the back can be difficult to control because they may lack stability when loaded. A wheelbarrow with one wheel in front and two wheels at the back offers more stability. If you want absolute stability or are looking for a wheelbarrow that caters for people with physical limitations, go for a garden cart.

Check the safety features

Your wheelbarrow should be safe to use all the time. A good wheelbarrow should have a frame that firmly holds the bed so that it does not break under the heavy weight. A wheelbarrow with cross brace increases sturdiness and prevents damage over time. The handles should have a smooth finish to give you a firm grip and not hurt your hand.

As earlier showed, buying a good wheelbarrow is crucial if you want to achieve optimum performance. With these tips, choosing the right wheelbarrow will not give you a headache. Go for a wheelbarrow that will not only help you achieve your purpose but also save you time and money.