Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Ceiling mounted rainfall shower heads are. You might be wondering if you’d like one yourself.  So, what exactly is a rainfall shower head?

There are two types of rain shower heads: wall mounted and ceiling mounted. A ceiling mounted shower head would be ideal for taller people, while a wall-mounted unit is easier to install. Look here and view ceiling mounted, rain shower head. Rainfall shower heads are larger in diameter than standard shower heads, creating a wider surface area to deliver water.

You might think the shower heads use more water than standard heads, but most of them are designed with water efficiency in mind. Many of them have a maximum of 2.5-gallon (9.5-liter) flow per minute, but some have removable flow restrictors if you’d like to increase the water pressure. Some even have colorful LED lights to turn your shower into a light show. It’s useful to know some of the lighted shower heads may require batteries.

Many ceiling mounting rain shower heads require your water line to run through the ceiling of your shower, but there are some that could be used either on the ceiling or wall, allowing you to use the existing shower plumbing. This gives you the benefit of easier installation. It’s also important to note these types of shower heads will not give off a massaging effect or high-pressure water; they’re designed to be gentle like a rain shower.

The American Standard model 1660.610.002 head is a dual-use head that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Its 10-inch-wide surface area gives you the feel of a luxurious rainfall. This is a water efficient unit with a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) per minute. It’s made of brass with a scratch-resistant coating to provide corrosion resistance. American Standard offers a 10-year warranty on this shower head.

The Hiendure Rainfall Shower head is a 12-inch square head with water-powered LED lights; the color of light depends on the water temperature. This shower head is a fixed head, meaning you can’t adjust it after installation and it mounts only on the ceiling. The Hiendure shower head may make a little more noise than a standard unit.

Ceiling Mounted Rainfall Shower heads could make a great addition to any shower remodel. These gentle-showering heads are water efficient and give you a nice, gentle shower.