The most common types of corkscrews and their working sequence

Nobody knows precisely when was the first corkscrew invented and who was its inventor. However, it was already impossible to do without it in the middle of the 17th century (when people learned how to do firm glass bottles and began to cork them). The first description of a corkscrew was made in 1681 and it was like “the steel worm used for a pulling of corks from the bottles”. Subsequently, it was renamed as “the corkscrew”. It is considered that its prototype was the drill twirled by a spiral, by means of which a misfired bullet was taken out of the gun.

Nowadays, there is a set of various models of corkscrews. The producers of wine accessories do not stop on what has already been achieved. They seek to invent devices which demand less effort. However, the old models of corkscrews are still popular due to its simplicity.

Here you will find about the most common types of corkscrews. The reviews of the best corkscrews and bottle openers are available at

  1. The ancient “steel worm” remains to one of the most popular models of corkscrews. However, you would not call him convenient in any way. It demands much forces and skills. Many of us have failed, trying to take a “stubborn” cork with its help.
  2. Wing open corkscrew is the simplest and most economic decision. While you screw in a spiral into a cork, two levers rise up. After that, it is necessary only to lower levers — and the stopper will leave a bottle. The French calls this corkscrew “Sarli de Gaulle”. The matter is that the levers lifted up remind favorite gesture of General de Gaulle – a greeting with the hands which are thrown up top.
  3. However, there are also easier corkscrews in an application with “cunning” mechanics, for example, a piston corkscrew. Spiral in such corkscrew is replaced by a needle which is stuck into a cork. Then it is necessary to press slightly the lever – the pump which is built in a corkscrew automatically pumps air into a bottle and pushes a cork under its pressure.
  4. “Gipsy” corkscrew. If you have to uncork a bottle of an old wine you will need a special device. For many years of storage, the cork becomes fragile and may scatter at any time. Therefore it is necessary to handle it very with care. For an old bottle exists special models of corkscrews. Classical option – the “Gipsy” corkscrew, which is also called still “the friend of the butler” (because it allows taking cork so accurately that it is possible to cork a bottle again, and it will be almost imperceptible that it was opened). This corkscrew consists of two plates which enter into a neck of a bottle and “grab” a cork.