Extended Warranties for the Log Splitter

The log splitter you bought the other day might come with some warranty, say 3 years, but it is always better to get an extended warranty on the splitter so that you can enjoy the benefits a little bit longer.

Just like the insurance on the car, added protection from the manufacturer comes with more peace and added benefits. With an extended warranty, you can enjoy at least one more year of coverage on the splitter.

The extended warranty makes sure you get the best protection against potential splitter failures so that you don’t have to be responsible for repairs. Under the extended warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for repairing the splitter as many times as possible. This plan covers all the repair costs up to the original cost of the splitter.

However, how do you enjoy this plan?

First, when you check out at the shopping cart, look for the extended warranty option and how much it costs you. The extended warranty usually has various options, so you get to choose between 1 and 2 years.

The choice you make depends on how much you can afford. However, the cost is little compared to the benefits you enjoy when anything happens.

Check Out Replacement Plans

If you plan to use the log splitter frequently, it is just wise that you opt for a replacement plan. The replacement plan helps you cover the cost of replacing a log splitter in case something happens. However, the replacement plan kicks in when the warranty expires, they don’t run concurrently.

The replacement works for a given minimum price. For instance, the manufacturer can offer replacement plans for log splitters that cost $500 and more. Talk to the representative to know what kind of replacement plans are available.

The manufacturer can offer a full replacement, a voucher equal to the amount or a check that you co-pay.

Repair Plans

These cover the cost of any repairs as necessary. The manufacturer also determines the minimum price of the item to qualify for this plan. Take time to check the privacy policy of the plan before you take it up. The repair plan also becomes active after the manufacturer warranty expires, but it generally coves the repairs that occur throughout the contract period,

There are various repair plans available; it depends upon you to choose what suits your needs.

In Closing

When you go to choose the best log splitter (you can find out here how to do it), you need to try and get one with an extended warranty.