Instagram Marketing Strategies to Boost Web Traffic

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is one of the marketing tools that you can use to make your site traffic grow. The app began its life as a photo sharing tool, but the love for the visual made it one of the most significant tools that you can use to grow your brand. It has taken center stage in accelerating the careers of bloggers, celebrities and brands alike.

With this said, you need to learn a little bit about using Instagram and how you can reach out to the target audience and gain more followers.

Stay Relevant

Many brands and users that start the Instagram journey tend to jump into the fray thinking that it is all about posting as many images as they can in a day. They turn up disappointed and wondering why things aren’t working out at all.

Sharing everything that relates to your business makes you look spammy and makes users run away.

You need to post photos that can be relevant to your business. You can make the image relevant by making use of hashtags that your users can associate with the image. This way your posts remain relevant, and you end up attracting the right kind of attention.

One of the techniques to expose your images is through proper use of hashtags. Using the relevant hashtag provides free exposure, which allows your brand to grow.

Focus on Consistency

Consistency is all about posting regularly throughout the week. This has been seen to be more efficient compared to blasting off a load of posts at the same time and then sitting back to wait for results.

Many of the successful brands share posts twice a day at specific times. Though a bit challenging, this task is possible through the use of automation. You can use a bot to schedule your posts so that they are done at a rate that you need them to. This makes it possible for you to attend to other chores as the bot does all the posting.

Various bots can do this for you, and each comes with different capabilities. They have been reviewed by experts, and you can check the latest review of the 11 Best Tools for Instagram Automation in 2018 – Managed Social and understand what each tool does.

Each of these tools has been used by the reviewer, all you need is to find out which one works for your particular automation situation.