The Increasing Importance of Window Decoration

Most people usually wonder what role shop window play in retail marketing. Window decoration is among the most important tools for marketing in retail trade. Its significance as a channel of communication has continued to grow over the last few years. A window shop’s functions are clearly defined. According to several topical surveys, people in cities now walk faster. This underlines the importance of retailers trying to make potential customers stop and attract their attention.

When asked what they aim to achieve by decorating windows, most retail shop owners stated that they wished to increase the customer awareness level of their shop as well as cultivate their image. They stated that shop windows are more important than mere sales as they are all about image. This statement illustrates the importance of window decorations. Spotlighting the products for sale is also quite important. Numerous retailers are of the opinion that this is a vital window decorating function. Shop windows are the setting for brand claims and core products, and are known to generate buying impulses.

All in all, there is definitely a trend by retailers towards a more elaborate presentation at the point of sale. In spite of the current online boom, retail businesses are in a better position to reach potential customers through emotional product presentation that include shop windows. The significance of shop windows will certainly increase in the future, together with the need for decorations. Also, there is a high demand for experts in visual marketing, something that reflects the increasing importance of visual marketing and decoration of windows.

Retail shops are now taking presentation more seriously. The attention of potential customers is drawn to a story or subject that starts in a shop window and goes on inside the shop. The manners in windows decoration and visual merchandising are organized and carried out within the retail trade differ significantly from one retail outlet to another. While many retailers are willing to invest in decoration of windows, they are stalled by budgetary restrictions.

In the case of modern department stores, decoration of windows is closely related to their campaign themes. The activities and subjects determine a holistic line that runs through all media, with a certain importance being attached to the main planning and implementation of concepts for window decorations and visual marketing. Shop windows form part constant marketing. The trend of more elaborate shop window decorations is especially pronounced in department stores. This is because the more extravagant the products for sale, the more extravagant the decoration.

Most of the times, open shop windows offer views inside the shop. When these windows are decorated, they have no back wall and usually revolve around special offer themes. A shop window is of great significance particularly to smaller retailers since it is usually the most useful medium in the marketing mix. In the case of retailers having just a single shop, their shop windows are an essential aspect of marketing, considering that they are competing with larger chain stores. This means they have to decorate their windows in a way that will attract more potential customers.