What’s All the Buzz About Swiss Watches?

There’s something about Swiss watches. Hate it love it; most models stand out, even when pitted against world best brands. But, what makes them tick? Here’s a closer look.

The Metal

For starters, almost every other Swiss watch sports 316L surgical steel metal construction. In effect, they’re ridiculously durable. Most importantly, they retain their shine for months in comparison to other models made with lower grade steel. Thus, you don’t have to keep polishing your watch to maintain its new look. Other than that, surgical steel is corrosion resistant.

One-of-a-Kind Links

Swiss-made watches are relatively heavier compared to other makes. Why? Well, because they feature solid links and cases. Put differently, you can expect your watch link to hold up well against pressure and constant wear. Besides, the loops are even and will never scratch your skin or hurt your wrist.

Clear Face

One of the most distinguishing features of Swiss watches is their crystal. They use synthetic sapphire glass. And, the primary reason behind this is the fact that sapphire crystal is extremely hard. By extension, this makes the face scratch resistant.

Standard models, on the other hand, use hardened mineral glass crystals which are nowhere near sapphire in terms of hardness and value.  Now, that explains the reason Swiss-made watches look as good as new even after years of use.

Unique Link Pins

Swiss watches use a pin and a sleeve to join the links. Even though this may sound like an insignificant detail, it may catch your attention to know the links pins of a good watch have to rotate. The ripple effect is that the pin stays in position and will never slide out of the band. Standard models use “static” pins and that’s why their bands cut off quite often.

Solid Band Caps

The links that connect the band to the case in a Swiss watch are robust in comparison to standard ones. The benefit of a solid band cap is the ability to keep the pin holding the band in place. It, therefore, means any force against the pin becomes dispensed evenly across the pin.

The Bottom Line

Swiss-made watches are indeed different from standard ones in a number of ways. With this stellar quality, however, comes a hefty price tag. Not to worry though; visit this website to view a collection of Swiss watch replicas at a price that won’t somersault past your budget. Talk of an affordable way to showcase your sense of style!